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No trip is complete without a gastronomic experience. A place's food says a lot about its culture, and there's no denying that food is something that everyone loves. But while we can't scurry the entire country we're in to taste every single dish they have to offer, there's a surefire way to maximise our food tripping experience without blowing our budget or wasting a huge amount of time transferring from one hub to the next. Have any guesses?

If you answered food streets and markets, then we're on the same page! We lined up these top-tier Asian food destinations you can visit on your next trip. They sure serve up each of their culture's best cuisines. 

Kuromon Ichiba (Osaka, Japan)

Osaka's nickname 'The Nation's Kitchen' originally didn't root from their rich cuisine, but rather from the fact that they used to be the epicentre of trade and commerce during the Edo Period. But it seems like they embraced this label superbly by being the modern-day home of some of the best dishes the country has to offer — most of which are known for tickling the global palate. But where is the best place to taste some of these authentic Japanese treats? Kuromon Ichiba is the place to be. 

Stretching 580 meters along Chuo Ward, this market is lined with street after street of local sellers taking pride in each of their specialities. From fresh seafood and sushi to ramen, okonomiyaki, karaage and even plump and juicy homegrown fruits and veggies, not only is it Osaka's main source for local produce but it's also a place you wouldn't run out of things to try and shop for.  

Soi Rambuttri (Bangkok,Thailand)

Away from the skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok lies Soi Rambuttri. Entering this horseshoe-shaped road is like being transported to old Bangkok, with its laid-back feel and its exterior filled with Banyan trees. Through the years, it has been developed from side-street stalls to an actual cool-hipster locale, with a mix of inns, bars, souvenir shops, and of course, delectable eats.

You can take your pick from themed restaurants lined up on the streets offering both Thai and fusion dishes or be a little more adventurous by feasting from the array of street food and street bar stalls all over the stretch of Rambuttri. 

Shilin Market (Taipei, Taiwan)

It's no secret that Taiwan is a favourite destination among foodie travellers. But would you even call your experience complete without a visit to Shilin Market? Established in 1913, it was relocated to its current location at Taipei in 2011. This renowned night market has served as the template for many night markets and food hubs across Asia.

Find yourself in a maze of food stalls offering the best of Taiwan's street food. This place will surely make your tummies rumble as soon as you step into its vicinity. Make sure you don't miss out on stinky tofu, misua soup, oyster omelette, and some sweets to finish things off. 

Myeongdong Street Food Alley (Seoul, South Korea)

Myeongdong has already built its reputation as one of the best shopping districts in this city. However, aside from fashion stores and makeup boutiques, did you know that you can also fill your tummy with scrumptious goodies there? 

Swamped with some of the best Korean delicacies, Myeongdong's Street Food Alley is the place to gorge down faves such as tteokgalbi meatballs, gyerranppang (oval-shaped waffles with whole egg), eomuk kkochi (fish cakes), and even sweets like jipangyi (Korean cane ice cream) and ice cream waffles. 

Lau Pa Sat (Raffles Quay, Singapore)

The home of the best hawker centres, sunny SG has become one of the more popular Asian food destinations. And while some already have the classic hubs like Old Airport Road and Chinatown as their go-to, Lau Pa Sat is also a food paradise you shouldn't miss out on. 

Located just five minutes away from the Raffles MRT Station, this food market boasts of great variety and a Victorian-era-like ambience. Have your own Satay festival with stalls lined with their own take of this Singaporean favourite and, of course, make sure you order the famed chicken rice to complete the experience. 

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