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There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a good, warm soak after a long day. So you can just imagine how rejuvenating the experience of bathing in a hot spring is. Because of the various minerals these natural baths contain, they’re known for having restorative effects. Dipping in a hot spring will soothe fatigued muscles and even cure a few illnesses. If you’ve been wanting to de-stress on your next getaway, then you might want to check out these hot springs in Asia.


Kurokawa Onsen, Kyushu, Japan

Kurokawa is one of Japan’s most popular hot spring towns. Located in a lush forest valley, the town is small and easily explored by foot. Along Kurokawa’s streets are numerous Ryokans or Japanese-style inns, where you can stay and take a quick soak in one of their hot spring baths. If you want to experience hot springs and get a glimpse of traditional Japanese culture, then this is the place to go.

Onyang Hot Springs, Asan, South Korea

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Sometimes called the “hot spring city”, Onyang is a famous wellness retreat close to Seoul. People flock to Onyang, not just to relax in their hot springs, but also because of the 1,300-year-old history of the place. The city has been operating as a hot spring destination for hundreds of years, that even kings from the Joseon era came here to rest and treat their illnesses.


Beitou Hot Springs, Taipei Taiwan

Though you’re still within the capital, entering Beitou will make you feel like you've been instantly transported to the countryside. The district sitting at the foot of Yangming Mountain is famous for its hot springs. Aside from actually soaking in the rejuvenating benefits of their baths, take a relaxing walk around Beitou. You must see the mesmerising steam of the Thermal Valley. There's also a ton of historical landmarks to enjoy if you're interested.

Puning Hot Springs, Pampanga, Philippines

Spend a day on an off-road escapade on these hot springs in Porac, Pampanga. Located on the other side of Mt. Pinatubo, Puning now operates as a recreational site in the area once ravaged by the active volcano. Aside from relaxing in their pools with volcano-heated water, take this chance to experience the one-of-a-kind volcanic sand spa to relieve your aching muscles.


The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat, Ipoh, Malaysia

Lastly, travelling to Banjaran Hot Springs will give you that luxe retreat you’re seeking. Aside from the geothermal hot spring pools they have, you can also enjoy a wide array of wellness treats in the resort. Once you’re done detoxifying all your stresses away, head on and take one of the meditation classes and yoga sessions they offer. This trip to Ipoh will surely give your mind, body, and soul the peace they deserve.

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