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The first capsule hotel in Japan opened in Osaka in 1979. Since then, this brilliant concept has spread throughout the world. Originally intended for weary white-collared workers to take a respite from their long working and client-entertaining hours, capsule hotels have now become popular amongst solo and budget travellers.

Gone are the days of non-existential decor and claustrophobic-inducing spaces. Capsule hotels are now trendy and come designed in various themes. They're also equipped with all the amenities one could possibly need. Interested to try this lodging concept? Here is a list of the coolest capsule hotels in Tokyo for your most memorable and unique Japan experience!

9h ninehours

Reminiscent of a sci-fi movie

The futuristic and monochromatic interiors make you either feel like you are on board a space shuttle or a human clone waiting to be experimented on. The design of the sleeping quarters is straight out of a sci-fi movie. Modular, impeccably clean and identical, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if the guest sleeping next to your capsule is a cyborg. 

Focusing heavily on the fundamental concepts of taking a shower (1hr), sleeping (7hrs) and getting dressed (1hr), ninehours is the epitome of minimalism. Offering only the most basic of hospitality features such as shower amenities and locker rooms, it is evident that guests are not encouraged to linger. What is great, however, is that the quiet atmosphere and the lack of distraction is conducive for a restful night’s sleep.

They have 10 branches in Tokyo (check their website for individual location) 

Website: https://ninehours.co.jp/

The Millennials

Probably one of the most high-tech pods ever

Pods at The Millennials Shibuya, one of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo

(Photo from: facebook.com/themillennials.shibuya)

Do not be fooled by its minimalistic-looking pods. Each unit is so advanced that it seems like you may just have time-travelled to 2035. With every function controlled by an app, guests can recline their beds to their desired position and watch videos from a drop-down screen that doubles up as the room door. Remember those sci-fi movies where the lights come on and the bed raises up automatically when it is time to wake up? Yup, morning alarms suddenly seem much more exciting. 

Besides the futuristic decor that makes you go ooh at every turn, The Millennials also offer guests free beer (happy hour timing only), free coffee and free breakfast. And did we mention that each pod comes with a luxurious 25cm-thick Serta mattress?

Website: https://www.themillennials.jp/shibuya 

First Cabin

Experience first class travel without the exorbitant fees

No budget to fly first class? Spend a night at First Cabin’s airplane-themed luxury capsules. This aviation concept capsule hotel aims to offer everything associated with first-class seats — from impeccable hospitality to unparalleled comfort. 

Instead of tiny sleeping capsules, guests get to choose from four types of spacious cabins. The most premium First Class Cabin offers a luxuriant 2.1m space with your own 32-inch LCD TV, side table and comfy pyjamas. Even the cheapest option boasts of a sleek and comfortable space with a 24-inch TV. The only thing left to complete the experience would be someone pushing the food trolley down the aisle. With branches located conveniently across Tokyo, travellers can sleep first-class and wake up refreshed for another day of adventure.

11 branches in Tokyo (check their website for individual location)

Website: https://first-cabin.jp/en/cabin/

Ueno Station Hostel Oriental 1

A touch of traditional Japanese elegance

Step into an oasis of tranquillity. Unlike many other futuristic capsule hotels, the Ueno Station Hostel Oriental 1 chose traditional Japanese elements for its interiors, such as sakura motif sliding shoji partitions and Japanese paper umbrellas. Intended to offer peace of mind, they have a level catered to only female guests. And my, do they pamper the women! Besides having a beautiful Japanese garden, you can also find a cosy relaxation lounge and a powder room for all your vanity needs. 

Tired after a long day of sightseeing? Take a hot bath and slip into their spacious sleeping pods. Soothing colours, oriental-print wallpaper, wooden bed frames and carpeted floors all make for a really good night’s sleep. Female travellers will adore this pretty little capsule hotel.

Website: http://uenost-hostel.com/oriental_1/ 

Book And Bed

Books for better sleep, literally


Book And Bed is truly a book lover’s paradise. Imagine browsing through rows of bookcases and falling asleep with your favourite book by your side. Book nerds' hearts will definitely flutter. The owners of this themed capsule hotel want guests to experience that blissful moment of dozing off obliviously when immersed in a book and they really mean it. Simple sleeping pods are integrated into a long and huge wooden bookshelf so that guests can reach out into the magical world of books. 

It is really a bookstore with comfortable beds (every unit comes with a reading lamp as well), a cosy ambience that makes you forget the world and convenient amenities. Plus point: really awesome pictures to flood your social media feed.

4 branches in Tokyo (check their website for individual location) 

Website: http://bookandbedtokyo.com/en/index.html 

With rows of sleeping pods lined side by side, capsule hotels may sound strange and intimidating to other cultures but they are an authentic Japan travel experience. In fact, being cocooned in a pod brings about a certain sense of security that can help lull you to sleep. Remember to try out some of these cool capsule hotels the next time you visit Tokyo.

(Cover photo from: @ninehours9h)

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  1. 1.9 Hours(Shinjuku North)
  2. 2.The Millennials Shibuya
  3. 3.The First Cabin(Akasaka)
  4. 4.Ueno Station Hostel Oriental 1
  5. 5.Book And Bed
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