Slurp On These Noodles Even During The Summer | CoolJapan

If there's one thing that unites us as Asians, it's the fact that we love our noodles. While only second to rice when it comes to being a dining staple, their popularity has grown to be loved by other regions all over the world because of the many tastes and flavours you can do with them. But because they're usually best-enjoyed piping hot with soup, sauces or a variety of toppings and sides, it's not exactly the best meal when summer's at its peak. So what do you do when you're craving for noodles but it's just too hot for soup and broth?

Well, in case you forgot, we also have cold noodles. That's right! Here are just some of the delectable ones you can find in our side of the world.

Zaru soba

Plain and simple yet one of the most favourite cold noodle dishes enjoyed all over the world, Zaru soba or cold soba is made from buckwheat flour. Its earthy and nutty flavour makes it a great food item that doesn't require too much flair in preparation, but don't be misled, it isn't short on taste. Often served with tsuyu (a soy-based dipping sauce) and optional garnish like green onions or wasabi, this cold noodle dish proves that eating good food need not be complicated!

Bun thit nuong

Whether you're new to or already a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, one to not miss during this season is the bun thit nuong. Usually described as cold Viet-style vermicelli noodles, it has an assortment of meat, peanuts, and eggrolls tossed in one flavourful salad-like dish. It's often described as one of healthiest dishes you can get in the Vietnam's street food scene (especially at Hue).


Korean barbeque is delicious and all, but all that grilling is definitely not so pleasant in the summer heat. So if you're looking for a dish that will satisfy your K-food fix despite the heat, a great alternative would be naengmyeon. This cold noodle dish that's usually paired with either clear beef broth (mul naengmyeon) or some spicy sauce mixed in with the soup (bibim naengmyeon) has a rich history.

The two types of naengmyeon mentioned earlier are more commonly known as Pyeongyang and Hamheung, named after two North Korean cities. It grew in popularity in the South after the Korean War, when some North Koreans fled to the other side of the border. Now, that's a bit of trivia you can share with your pals while slurping on this dish.

Szechuan Liangmian

Historically, China has influenced the majority of Asian countries in various ways and one of its biggest manifestations is in food. So can we really talk about noodles without mentioning a Chinese dish?

A simplified and cold version of the famed Chinese Dan Dan noodles, Szechuan liangmian (Szechuan-style cold noodles) is a famous street food dish known for its spicy and savoury flavour that's described by most as addictive. The contrast between the cold noodles and the kick of the spicy peppery sauce is truly an amazing gastronomic experience for your palate. This is the very reason it was made known as one of the top Chinese street food dishes you should try at least once in your life. 

Yum Woon Sen

Last, but certainly not the least, is Thailand's very own yum woon sen (Thai glass noodle salad). A staple in every Thai household, this will surely change your mind if you're no salad advocate. With a mix of peanuts, chillis, tomatoes, and shrimp with crunchy greens like Chinese celery and cilantro, your palate will easily be captivated by the smell, look, texture, and taste of this dish at first bite. Plus, glass noodles are made from mung bean starch, known to facilitate healthy weight loss. If you're looking at salads to lose some pounds, might as well turn to this dish. 

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