Bike Around These Cycling-friendly Destinations In Asia | CoolJapan

Going around your next travel destination through their most popular mode of transportation is one good way to actually see the city through the eyes of the locals. However, if you’re craving for a more unique sort of adventure, try out biking around these places for a change. Hopping on a bike will afford you more freedom to explore off-the-beaten tracks and discover hidden gems. Aside from that, it will also help you be on track of your fitness goals and reduce your carbon footprint. You’re basically saving the Earth while you travel — what a win-win situation, right? So, for your next holiday out of the country, try out these cycling-friendly destinations in Asia.

Kyoto, Japan

Everyone cycles in Kyoto, so you won’t feel like you’re bothering pedestrians when you decide to go around the city by pedal. The ground is mostly flat and the cars here know how to respect traffic rules, so it’s no wonder Kyoto is one of the most cycling-friendly destinations in Asia. Also, because the city has a grid pattern, it’s easy to navigate around without getting lost. If you’re planning to bike your way to Arashiyama and a number of World Heritage temples, you can opt to book a cycling tour or rent a bike from Kyoto Cycling Tour Project and many other rental shops available in the city.

Xiamen, China

Xiamen, China’s best seaside resort city, is also one of the most popular cycling-friendly destinations in Asia. It’s a paradise for bikers because it is home to the world’s longest bicycle skyway. This means there’s barely any need to worry about pedestrians or speeding cars you might encounter. Aside from specialised tours, China has tons of bike sharing options like MoBike or Ofo if you want to enjoy your trip solo. Feel the cool sea breeze as you whizz along the coastal road. Make sure to also pass by historical spots like the Hulishan Canon Fortress. 

Taipei, Taiwan

Aside from being known for its vibrant night markets and delectable dishes, Taipei is also one of the most cycling-friendly destinations in the continent. Its public infrastructure is great for those who pedal as a way of life because they have paved, flat roads and marked lanes, especially for bikes. With community bike-sharing options like YouBike stationed all over the city, biking your way around is made way much easier. It’s more convenient than taking the MRT as most attractions and great restaurants are just around the same area. Enjoy a wonderful view of one of Taipei’s rivers at night by riding by the banks of Keelung River in Shilin District.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

It might be intimidating to cycle here at first, given that the highways of the town can be quite unforgivable and busy. Still, you can take a detour via the alleyways and smaller streets where vehicles seldom pass through. Getting a bike to pedal on isn’t a hassle either. In the unlikely chance that your hotel doesn’t offer bike rental services, you can find rental shops littered in the area. Angkor Archaeological Park, where you’ll find major temples like the Angkor Wat, are within a short distance of the town centre too. Tuktuks are a must-try novelty, but you’ll save more if you cycle through quiet red dirt roads when you do your temple run instead. 

Hoi An, Vietnam

Lastly, this quaint city in Vietnam’s central coast is a must-visit for cycling enthusiasts looking for a peaceful travel experience. Cycling in Hoi An is completely enjoyable as their old town is off-limits to cars and motorbikes for most parts of the day. Biking through the city’s well-preserved ancient town and surrounding rice fields makes for a relaxing and picturesque activity. Most hotels here also provide bikes that are good for short rides inside the town. But for those who want to go beyond, you’re better off joining cycling tours like Grasshopper Adventures or Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours for high-quality biking equipment.  

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