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Do you have a penchant for all things sweet? Do you find yourself gravitating towards the dessert spread at a buffet as we do? Or do you simply enjoy discovering local food options whenever you visit a new place? If you’re a foodie and love travelling, read on for some international sweets you should definitely try when given the chance.


A classic Japanese treat, mochi is made of glutinous rice called mochigome that’s pounded into a paste and then moulded into its circular shape. Mochi is most popular during Japanese New Year though it’s available all-year-round.


You can find a gelato shop offering a wide variety of flavours anywhere in Italy. There are flavours such as raspberries, pistachio, chocolate, and rum if you’re feeling adventurous. The texture resembles a soft-serve ice cream, which melts in your mouth as you wander and discover Italy’s majestic sights.


The classic Filipino dessert, halo-halo means “mixed together” and that’s what you do before delving into it this cold treat. It’s made of shaved or crushed ice, evaporated milk, purple yam, nata de coco (coconut gel), macapuno (shredded young coconut), palm nuts, and vanilla or mango ice cream. You mix them all together until the ice is fully coated and each spoonful is refreshing and light — perfect for the hot summer days in the Philippines when it’s most popular.

Apam Balik

This Malaysian treat is a folded pancake filled with creamed corn and peanuts. Its texture can vary between thin and crunchy like a biscuit to thick and fluffy like a thin slice of cake. It’s a nice dessert to have when you’re craving for something filling and delicious.


This South African dessert derives its name from koekje, the Danish word for cookie. Koeksisters are very sweet fried dough rolls covered in cold sugar syrup or honey. It’s commonly paired with tea and can be made with spices like aniseed and cinnamon for added taste.

Ice Cream Bread

Last on our list is Singapore's signature ice cream bread. Though not the most glamorous in this roundup, it holds a certain charm in its simplicity. You can get this from old-school ice cream carts found along Orchard Road, outside Takashimaya. The cold ice cream block wrapped in rainbow bread makes for a great afternoon snack.

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