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Japan is known as a destination that has something for everyone. This also applies to fashion. From various subcultures, inspirations, and of course, brands that make one spoiled for choice, the Japanese fashion scene definitely has a definitive match for every type of shopper and personality. And with these brands and labels becoming more and more popular each day on a global scale, there's no excuse to not get your hands on pieces that scream quality and functionality, trademarked by Japanese craftsmanship. Curious which Japanese fashion brand fits your aesthetic? We derive your style match below. 

The minimalist: Uniqlo

Straying away from being labelled as fast fashion by helming their pieces as Life Wear, Uniqlo has become a huge hit both in Japan and abroad ever since its first overseas expansion in 2002. The brand definitely made basics 'cool' amidst the popularity of bold designs and prints at the time, effectively expanding Japanese minimalism to a more global following. Not to mention that it's quite rare to find a label back then with minimalist pieces that are (1) of great quality and are not innerwear and (2) offer more variety than just black and white. So if you're more of a sleek dresser with a preference for clean-looking style, Uniqlo is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to your go-to. 

The girl boss: Yohji Yamamoto

One of Japan's biggest trends even before it hit the Western consciousness was androgynous style. This is often created with sleek silhouettes featuring power suits in a monochrome colour palette, presenting chic elegance fit for both males and females. Designer Yohji Yamamoto took this one step further with his namesake fashion label by adding avant-garde twists to his structured pieces. We're talking layers, drapery, and occasional pops of colour that caught the fancy of pop-culture icons such as Elton John and foreign brands such as Adidas and Dr. Martens. 

For the ultimate girl boss, we're totally pinning this down as your style match. Your strong command of a room should be head-to-head with your power outfit and Yohji Yamamoto is definitely your empowering attitude, stylised.

The quirky fashionista: A Bathing Ape

We all know it: Japanese street style dominates today's quirkiest and most mesmerising fashion curations. Not only do they make over-the-top work so well, their boldness also sparks inspiration all over the globe to continuously level up how we define off-the-runway style statements. If you're one of the many people who's fallen in love with this curious aesthetic, A Bathing Ape — also known as BAPE — is the one for you. 

BAPE allows its wearers to make a statement that they can either evolve or tone down, without losing a sense of uniqueness and individuality. It can be worn all-out with other traffic-stopping pieces or it can be played off with a more casual allure. Either way, it's perfect for quirky fashionistas who love to change up their look ever so often, but still feel like they can wear their looks on the daily without being too much.

The fashion visionary: Issey Miyake

Perfect for those who are also seeking innovation and creativity, even when it comes to their clothing style, Issey Miyake is the gem you're looking for. Known for their always-evolving take on designing and producing quality clothing, you'd be surprised at how much precision and technology goes into creating some of their pieces.

Just to give you an idea, in 2012, they even used computer programs to produce 3D Steam Stretch, a tech that allows creating precise origami-like folds and pleats to fabric using steam. By 2015, they're already making strides in sustainability efforts while still keeping their aesthetic fresh and forward-thinking. If you're a fashion visionary who's always on the lookout for the newest tech in fabric, design, and product durability, while still keeping it sleek and chic, this is your perfect match, don't you think? 

The fashion chameleon: COMME des GARÇONS

While others may have their signature style, that's not necessarily the case with you. You love to experiment with your fashion, be it minimalist on day one and avant-garde chic on the other. For your style shapeshifter-esque tendencies, we're pointing at COMME des GARÇONS. Easily identifiable with their signature heart-with-eyes accent, their pieces range from stylish casualwear to exciting runway-ready pieces. A fashion chameleon-like you would never run out of pieces to play with, at least when CDG is concerned. 

(Cover photo from: @bape_japan)

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