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It’s always fun to discover offsprings of the marriage of tech and beauty. With many gadgets to choose from these days, though, how would you know which one to use? The ones that fit your lifestyle well is the answer. There’s nothing wrong with being practical — but we have to admit that it helps if the products are pretty, too. Well, these beauty gadgets are both — they come in a limited-edition Sakura Pink colour to boot. Ahead, we list down ​Panasonic Beauty personal care items you must have.

For confidence to communicate

Panasonic Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53

Be confident to talk with fresh breath and great teeth

A lot of us are staying home these days, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about proper hygiene. In short, a healthy smile and fresh breath is still a must. With that, rely on a trusty tool like the ​Panasonic Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53​. Powered by Sonic Technology, this toothbrush helps get rid of stains and plaque that may be present in the oral cavity. It also delivers high-speed sonic vibrations of about 31,000 brush strokes horizontally and 12,000 vertically per minute for a thorough clean. You’ll find it’s a breeze to use, too, with its Soft-start function that allows you to get used to the brushing quickly and the brush timer that helps ensure you’re brushing just right — not too fast and not too long. You’ll be smiling and chatting with ease.

By using the special stain removing brush provided, you can work towards naturally white teeth from about one week.

For alleviating everyday stress

Panasonic Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38

Get maximum relaxation with this massager

The uncertainty of the current health situation around the world can dampen anyone’s spirit. But don’t let the stress get to you. After running a quick errand or after a long day of inactivity sitting on the couch, come home to give your legs much-needed respite. Sit on your couch — or anywhere you want because it’s cordless — and put on the ​Panasonic Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38​ for stress-free legs in no time. This massager mimics a masseuse’s hand movements and helps ease fatigue and promote blood flow.

For good hair days

Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B

Get ready to have great hair days with this device

You deserve a good hair day no matter where you are. Make sure you treat yourself with the help of the ​Panasonic Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B.​ Dry your hair without drying it up. This hair dryer has a Moisture + Nanoe technology, which has more than 1,000 times more moisture than minus ions, that moisturises your hair for smoothness you’ll want to keep touching. Its wind speed and strength helps dry hair quickly, thus, minimising damage caused by heat. You can use it overseas (or at home) and not just in Japan, too.

Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA and Salon de Beauty in Panasonic Center Osaka

(Left) Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA. (Right) Salon de Beauty in Panasonic Center Osaka

Aside from these, they have the ​Warming Kassa EH-SP20​, a unique drainage massager whose movements mimic a hand massage’s. It has four fitting curves that fit the lines and curvatures of the face perfectly. For even better results, pair it up with the ​Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare EH-SA9A​ that has both cold mist and hot steam for personalised skincare that tightens and moisturises. If you have your sights set on visiting Japan when things are as fresh as cherry blossoms in spring, you can find that these are available for purchase at major electronic shops in Japan. Plus, they’re also free to try at ​Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA — which you can get a virtual preview of ​here​ — and ​Salon de Beauty in Panasonic Center Osaka​. If you’re piqued, head to ​SALON GINZA​ and ​Salon de Beauty​’s websites for operation hours and closure notices.

Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA
104-0061, Ginza 5-5-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, OZIO GINZA Bldg. 1-4F
Hours: 11AM to 8PM

Salon de Beauty
4-20... Ofukaccho, Kita-ku, Osaka Grand Front Osaka South Building 2​nd Floor
Hours: 10AM to 8PM