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When it comes to skin health, we know that looking great on the outside is largely an effect of being well on the inside. Which is why when a new product promises to work with the skin’s natural processes, we’re all ears. Such is the idea behind SOFINA, a Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand by Kao. SOFINA’s philosophy is driven by “holistic beauty science” and its products claim to work with the skin’s surface and base (or what they call DODAI) abilities to improve overall skin quality. Recently, they launched an updated version of their bestselling product, the SOFINA iP DODAI Essence.

The SOFINA Essence and SOFINA Beauty Supplements

sofina essence

The SOFINA iP DODAI Essence is well-known in Japan, having ranked as the number one essence in 2017. But the new formula is a bit different in that it includes a carbonic acid-retaining oil solution, which enhances blood circulation. Every day, we are exposed to environmental stressors that can speed up skin ageing. Our skin’s restorative abilities are disrupted due to poor lifestyle habits, too, making us prone to skin issues. The SOFINA iP DODAI Essence, however, is able to penetrate deeply into the skin and the more carbonic acid is absorbed, the better blood flows to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to cells and carry away harmful toxins. The result? Moisturised, firm, and beautiful skin that is healthy from within.

The SOFINA iP DODAI Essence has two variants: the original design in blue and a special limited-edition version in pale pink with feather motifs. In an effort to target overall body health, the brand is also releasing the Sofina iP Chlorogenic Acids Beauty Supplement.

sofina supplements

These fruit-flavoured drinks contain a blend of plant polyphenols, chlorogenic acids, collagen and vitamin B6 to regulate blood flow throughout the body. The caffeine-free formula makes it perfect for drinking before you sleep, helping your skin to regenerate overnight leaving you with a healthy glow the next day.

The SOFINA Beauty Power Station

Visit the SOFINA Beauty Power Station at Isetan Scotts to avail of an in-depth skin analysis with personalised beauty and skincare advice. The analysis will test your overall skin condition using key components such as hydration, ceramide, and sebum levels. It will also test your skin ability to see how strong your protective barrier is against aggressors. Finally, it will test how well your blood circulates to enable healthy skin function. This way, you get to understand your skin better and you can effectively address its needs. 

With the SOFINA iP DODAI Essence, now you can embrace skin health on a deeper level. 

SOFINA products are available at the SOFINA counter in Isetan Scotts.