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There’s something so special about unabashedly turning out in elaborate costumes to celebrate one of the biggest unofficial holidays in the world, Halloween. Also known as All Hallows Eve, Halloween is traditionally a pagan holiday dedicated to remembering the dead and departed, but for most, it is a day to honour the arcane, mysterious, and macabre. If you’re travelling through Asia, or simply wish to experience Halloween in all its ghostly glory, check out these destinations for a fantastically frightening time.

Tokyo DisneySea

Okay, we lied. This place isn’t scary at all, but they certainly try to make Halloween as fun and family-friendly as possible. From over-the-top decorations to Halloween-themed food to special features of Disney villains all over park property, Tokyo DisneySea is destined to delight and amaze all who love adding a little spooky cheer into their Disney experiences.

Universal Studios Singapore

If a real scare is what you’re looking for, make your way to the ninth edition of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore. Featuring five haunted houses and two scare zones, you best be ready for the fright of your life. Oh, and watch out for the Undertaker because he’s always ready to drag away his next victim.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

As day turns to night, the park transforms into Hong Kong’s largest haunting grounds, with six themed zones swarming with supernatural encounters and ghastly urban legends. Brace yourself for an invasion of hungry ghosts, which escalates as the night goes on, and more terrors await for those brave enough to walk in with tickets for Ocean Park Hong Kong's VR Minibus experience.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Not for the faint of heart, Nights of Fright at Sunway Lagoon has been terrifying folks since 2012, establishing itself as Malaysia’s one-stop hair-raising destination. Make your way down Slasher Street or explore Siren’s Cove, with the necessary precautions to ensure your survival by the end of the night. The park also features 11 thrill rides, eight haunted houses and a variety of activity booths that promise a scary good time.

Everland Korea

Don’t let the whimsical name fool you; people at Everland know how to throw a Halloween affair. The entire park is gruesomely decorated to look like a horror movie come to life, with creepy jack-o-lanterns lurking in the bushes and gargoyles perched on pedestals, as well as their piece de resistance: zombies. Filled with exciting activities for thrill-seekers of all ages, this is one experience you won’t want to miss.

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