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HOSHINOYA Karuizawa: A Modern Ryokan Experience

Karuizawa is an upmarket Japanese Alpine town in Nagano Prefecture. HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is an exclusive modern ryokan under the Hoshino Resorts Group, the crown jewel of the town.

Rent A Kimono With A Hijab In Yumeyukata In Kyoto

Renting a kimono with a special hijab is now possible when in Kyoto. This is through Yumeyukata, a known kimono rental service with a great rep among tourists who have tried the kimono experience.

5 Healthy Japanese Food That Boost Your Immune System

With COVID-19 spreading, it's important to keep your immune system strong. Here are Japanese ingredients that you can add to your meals to supercharge your health.

Who Is Rei Kawakubo? The Visionary Behind Comme Des Garçons

Who is Rei Kawakubo? Rei Kawakubo is an enigma. She's mysterious, unapologetically ridiculous and at the same time, a genius. Her designs are as mystifying as her.

Fermented Skincare In Japan: Everything You Need To Know

Fermented skincare is a storied category in the beauty industry, with roots in Asia starting 200 years ago. But is it really as good and effective as it seems?

Japanese Perfumes That Smell Like Spring

If you have a penchant for uplifting, light scents, you have to explore spring-inspired Japanese perfumes. Known for being subtle and fresh, Japanese perfumers offer well-balanced selections.

The Best Types Of Ramen In Hokkaido And Where To Find Them

We head up to the northernmost region of the country on the island of Hokkaido to search for the best types of ramen you can find in this prefecture.

The Difference Between An Onsen, A Sento And A Super Sento

Did you know that there are actually 3 types of public baths in Japan — onsen, sento and super sento? It is best to understand their differences so that you can enjoy them like a local. Learn about them here.

Japanese Sake: What You Need To Know

Learn how Japanese sake is produced, the types of sake and the best sake regions in Japan.

The Best Cherry Blossom Spots In Tottori, Japan

In contrast to the crowded sakura spots in Tokyo, Tottori offers a more tranquil cherry blossom viewing experience. Here are the best cherry blossom spots in Tottori.

The Long Queue At Sushiro Is Worth The Wait

Sushiro, the largest kaiten sushi restaurant chain in Japan is becoming more and more popular in Singapore. Here's our review of their Orchard Road branch.

How To Explore Central Japan In Autumn, According To Bangsar Babe

The tangerine rays of Central Japan’s sun pierced the crimson leaves behind Sue Lynn, the woman behind the blog Bangsar Babe, talks about autumn in the region.

Senkoji Park: A Must-See Sakura Spot In Onomichi

Senkoji Park is one of the must-see sakura spots in Japan. What a sight it is when the flowers are in bloom, peppering against the beautiful backdrop of the Seto Inland Sea and Shikoku’s mountains.

Our Awesome Planet’s Itinerary For Exploring Central Japan In Autumn

Visting Central Japan in autumn? Read on to learn about the best spots to check out when you’re there, courtesy of ​Our Awesome Planet​’s Itinerary.

4 Women On Pursuing Passions With Canon

In honour of International Women’s Day, read on to find out how four creative and empowered ladies, powered by ​Canon, pursue their passions.

Japanese Meets European At Caffé B In Club Street

Meet the new Caffé B — transformed into a chic, contemporary dining and drinks destination. Check out the updated menu and improved interiors.

The Dr. Martens X Hello Kitty Collection Is Cute & Edgy

The Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty collection is set to drop really soon and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Here’s what we can expect from this new team-up.

Our Awesome Planet's Itinerary For Exploring Central Japan On Sunny Days

Read on to find out the best spots you should uncover from Central Japan, according to this itinerary by Our Awesome Planet.