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Explore The World Of 'Mori Kei' Fashion With These Style Notes

Despite fading from popularity in Japan after its rise in 2006 to 2007, Mori Kei fashion has since gained traction all over the world. Explore this 'forest style'.

Threading Japan Through The Past, Today

For travellers wide-eyed in wanderlust, Asakusa is one of the easiest, most unabashedly fun ways to grasp what it means and feels to be in Japan.

Marvel At The Architecture Of Nakagin Capsule Tower

The Nakagin Capsule Tower isn't just another feature of the cityscape of Tokyo. More than its unusual look, the building carries a rich history. Keep reading to discover more about this architectural gem in the middle of Ginza.

Say Hello Again To The THREE Balancing R Series

In this day and age, it has become a norm to have an irregular lifestyle. Help fight skin concerns caused by such with the relaunched THREE Balancing R Series.

Where Is Shodoshima’s Mysterious Disappearing Angel Road?

Hidden in Shodoshima is the disappearing Angel Road. Legend says, lovers that walk this road will be blessed. Read on to discover the mysteries of the road.

Coolest Bars For An Evening Out In Tokyo

As one of the most vibrant city life in the world, Japan surely has tons of amazing bars you must visit on your next trip. Read on for our top spots in Tokyo.

Sake And Its Love Affair With Seafood

Much like wine, sake complements the sea's flavours and increases the gastronomic satisfaction of a meal. Sample the glorious sake-seafood pairing at CURATE.

Here’s Where To Buy Vintage Luxury Bags In Tokyo

From the Tokyo Flea Market to established second-hand vintage boutiques, here are the best places to go to if you want to score genuine luxury bags in Tokyo.

Review: We Test If The Senka Perfect Whip Is Worth The Hype

The Senka Perfect Whip is a favourite among many and even considered as holy-grail by some. But what do four #TeamClozette members think about it? Read on.

Japanese Beauty Trends For A Quirky Fun Look

Feel like your everyday makeup is getting a little bit boring day by day? For those stuck in a beauty rut, why not try out these popular Japanese beauty trends?

How To Enjoy Tokyo As A Solo Traveller

Not sure what to do in Tokyo when travelling alone? We’re listing down ideas on how you can maximise your trip to Japan’s capital even when you’re going solo.

Onsen Decorum For First-Timers

Missing out on onsens because of many misconceptions? We decided to round up an onsen first-timer decorum FAQ to help you maximise your Japanese hot spring experience.

The Plain Side To Halloween In Japan

A different side of Halloween in Japan that began recently and the side I secretly look forward to is Jimi Halloween, which directly translates to “plain Halloween”.

O-noya: Unforgettable Tempura

Our time at O-Noya is truly unforgettable and our meal can definitely be regarded as one of the best.

Umeshu Is The New Sake

Umeshu is a traditional Japanese liqueur made by steeping Japanese plum. Shigehiro Kondo, CEO of CHOYA, details the evolution of their signature fruit liqueur.

Best Day Trips To Take When You're In Osaka

Heading to Osaka soon but don't know how to fill your itinerary? List down these cities for day trips from Osaka that'll surely make your trips worthwhile.

Wide-Legged Pants Are Taking Over Tokyo

Cop the trendiest clothing item in Tokyo right now: oversized pants. From comfy athleisure to business-ready attire, this is a versatile piece you should try this season.

Japanese Meets Italian At Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC

Read all about our experience at Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC, a Japanese-style Italian restaurant found among the shophouses on Craig Road in Singapore.