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Fantasy Anime Worlds Inspired By Real Places In Japan

Fantasy anime worlds may seem unreal, but did you know that some of them are actually inspired by real places found in Japan? Discover these locations here.

Sanrio Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Collabs You Need To Check Out

From UNIQLO, LeSportsac, Wet n Wild and more, here are some Sanrio beauty, fashion, and lifestyle collabs that will surely have you adding to cart ASAP.

Beautylabo Whip: For A Mid-Year Hair Refresh And More

Thinking of making a change in your hair? Here’s an easy and fun way to do it right in the comfort of your home with the help of Beautylabo Whip.

Hada Labo Kouji: Your Partner Against Pre-Ageing Skin

Enter Hada Labo KOUJI, which was designed specifically to address pre-ageing skin. Made especially for pre-ageing skin, this range of products is enriched with the "miracle grain".

These Japanese-Inspired Homes Are A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

Call it the ‘Marie Kondo’ effect. Here are a few breathtaking Japanese-inspired living spaces which minimalists are bound to love.

BL Series: What Are They And Why Should You Watch Them?

Recently, heart-fluttering Thai Boys' Love dramas are making waves all over Asia. What are BL series and why should you watch them?

Japanese Beauty Tools That Will Amaze You

Here are five Japanese beauty tools that will amaze you — from well-designed mechanical products to futuristic innovations.

Japanese Peeling Gels: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Curious about how effective Japanese peeling gels and how they exactly work? Learn more about this gentle physical exfoliator here.

Sustainable Whale Watching Is Possible At Shiretoko National Park

Practice sustainable tourism — including sustainable whale watching — at the Shiretoko National Park. Here, you'll find a wonderland heaving with flora and fauna. Be amazed by nature at its finest.

Kwaidan Movie Review: A Kaleidoscope Of Otherworldly Visions

Looking for a new film to watch? The 1964 Japanese Film Kwaidan won't disappoint. A ravishing feast of hair-raising spectacles, it's a must-see classic.

ONOMICHI U2: Hiroshima's Stylish Cyclist Haven

ONOMICHI U2, a renovated warehouse in Hiroshima, is every cyclist's heaven. It has a hotel specifically built to accommodate biking needs, a cycling-themed bar and more.

Visit Akita, The Hometown Of The Loveable Akita Breed

Visit and play with the Akita, Japan's beloved dog breed, in their hometown. Here’s a complete guide on how you can have a date with these adorable furry friends next time you visit Japan.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence Mint & Lavender Review

Juliana and Sheryl took two multitasking sunscreens from the ​Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence​ range, which ranked no. 1 on @Cosme Japan* in 2018, for a whirl. Here’s what they have to say.

Kawakami-an Karuizawa: Unique Soba

A highly recommended place to try Shinshu soba –– Shinshu is the traditional name for Nagano Prefecture — is Kawakami-an in Karuizawa town.

UNIQLO Is Coming Back To Harajuku

After eight years, UNIQLO is coming back to Harajuku. This time, it will be in Just Harajuku complex and the store will feature high-tech installations including 200 tablets and a dedicated space for UT shirts.

Tohoku Travel Guide: The Best Spots To Visit For Each Season

This bite-sized Tohoku travel guide features the best spots you can visit for each season. From the beautiful Hirosaki Castle to the majestic Mogami River, Tohoku offers countless dreamy sights all year round.

Melano CC Brightening Gel Review: Will It Give You *That* Glow?

The future may seem uncertain at the moment, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be armed and ready for it bright skin. Face brighter days ahead with the Melano CC Brightening Gel.

How To Make A Delicious Japanese Zosui With Hotpot Leftovers

Learn how to make a delicious bowl of Japanese Zosui. It's a simple yet versatile dish that can be made from leftover hotpot ingredients. Here are recipes you can try.