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Cason Lips & Nips Helps Give You A Pinkish Glow

Skincare trends come and go, but what doesn’t go out of style is healthy, smooth skin with a pinkish glow. Achieve sakura skin with Cason Nips & Lips.

Wagyu Beef In Tottori, The Birthplace Of Shabu-Shabu

Planning a foodie trip across the Land of the Rising Sun? Head over and taste the best wagyu beef in Tottori, just a three-hour bus ride away from Osaka, Japan.

4 Fun Facts About Kagawa, Japan's Land Of Udon

Get to know the Kagawa Prefecture, previously known as Sanuki province, the smallest prefecture in Japan best known for its abundance of udon and its famous udon taxi.

What To Wear On A Wintry Night Out In Tokyo

Coming in properly dressed to impress is always a good idea. But what if it's freezing outside? Slay the night during the winter season in Tokyo with these tips.

Soak In History At Arima Onsen, The Oldest Onsen In Japan

With a history of over one thousand years, Arima Onsen is easily Japan's oldest hot spring resort. An hour away from Kansai airport, it is both magnificent and surreal.

Experiencing Naniwa Kappo Kigawa

When it comes to Kappo dining, it’s hard to find a better name in Osaka than Michelin-starred Naniwa Kappo Kigawa.

Japanese Pop Culture Icons: Nigo

Meet Tomoaki Nagao, more commonly known as NIGO, the man who redefined what it means to be a streetwear and hip-hop creator, curator, and tastemaker.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics In Numbers

Excited for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Here are fun facts you need to know before the event commences.

Exploring Shibuya, According To A Beauty Junkie

Shibuya has much more to offer. Its Japan’s centre for youth fashion and culture and its streets are the birthplaces to many fashion and entertainment trends.

Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Are Having A Moment

Buttery goodness, billowed out like a balloon, like mouthfuls of cloud that melt at the tip of the tongue. If you’re a visitor in Japan, these are not to be missed.

Rediscover Decora Fashion With These Style Tips

Derived from the Japanese word for "decoration", Decora fashion is all about going crazy with colourful ornaments. Read on to rediscover this Harajuki street style!

Why Everyone Should Try Niigata’s World-Famous Sake

Niigata produces some of the finest sake in Japan, thereby earning the title “the Land of Sake.” Read on to learn more about the drink brewed with passion.

10 Things To Know Before Visiting TeamLab Borderless Tokyo

Looking at how even major celebrities are squeezing in trips to teamLab Borderless when they’re in Tokyo, this is one place you’d want to include into your itinerary for your next trip to the city.

The Beginner's Guide To Japanese Raw Denim Brands

Ask any raw denim geek and they'll tell you that those made from Japan are among the best in the market. Here are some brands to check out.

An Affordable, But Spectacular, Winter In Tottori

Going to Japan during winter? Visit Tottori to ski and learn traditional crafts. Here are all the fun stuff that you can try in the prefecture.

Experience A Different Type Of Winter In Okinawa

The off-peak winter period is actually a fantastic time to visit Okinawa because of special winter-only activities, not to mention fewer tourists that congest attractions. Here are four things to try in Okinawa for a unique winter experience!

A Quick Makeup Guide For All Occasions

It always pays to know the right combination of makeup products to use for specific occasions, like a wedding or a casual get-together. Here's a cheat sheet to help you out.

The 5 Japanese Designers You Need To Know Now

Beyond flamboyant haute couture and no-nonsense streetwear, Japan has so much more to offer. Here are the five Japanese designers that should also be on your radar.