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Whether you’re an artist or not, frequenting the same places day by day can get you stuck in a rut. Everything has become so familiar to you, to the point that it can become so unstimulating. So every once in a while, try to go out and explore. Travelling can get you that change of pace and environment you might just need to get inspired. And when you’re out there, don’t hesitate to try out activities outside your comfort zone. So if you’re looking to indulge your creative side while you go on tour around Asia, visit these art cafés that’ll let you experience something different. Who knows? What you learn there might inspire you to create something better when you get back.

FabCafe, Tokyo, Japan

Minimalistic interiors of FabCafe, one of the many art cafés in Asia.


This ultra-modern workspace and coffee joint in Shibuya is perfect for those into arts and crafts as well as those just looking for something exciting to try out. Out of all the art cafés around the region, perhaps FabCafe is the only one digitally well-equipped with tools like 3D printers and tape creators available for use. Whether you’re a first-time user or not, with the help of their staff, you can freely realise your digital crafting dreams. Reserve a Fab experience kit in advance on their website and craft items such as 3D-printed jewellery, leather pouches, and personalised stationery on your visit. While you’re there, sate your sweet tooth with a bite of their best-selling macarons. Enjoy it in true creative spirit by printing an image of your choice using their laser cutters before munching.  

Book Park, Seoul, Korea

Nestled inside a multi-purpose cultural complex in Itaewon is a haven for all bookworms and writers. Feel like Belle in Beauty and The Beast as you enter and see the thousands of books stacked on wooden shelves that span from floor to ceiling. Book Park is a bookstore, café, and art gallery all-in-one and you’re more than welcome to spend time reading the books they offer. Each floor of the shop has reading nooks and cafés offering drinks and light snacks for you to enjoy while you get lost in the literary world.

Sip and Gogh, Metro Manila, Philippines

While not strictly a standard art café offering artisanal coffee blends, Sip and Gogh still satisfies your palette with the unique artistic experience it offers. Whether you’re an adept artist or not, enjoy honing your painting skills in one of the many branches of the art studio in the metro. From canvases to paint, Sip and Gogh provides everything you need, so you can just sit back, relax, and paint while sipping on a choice selection of wines.

Beary Potter Studio Café, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Be more hands on and try your hand in pottery. Beary Potter Studio Café is perhaps one of the most endearing art cafés in the region as it’s just one of the few who offers both pottery experience and totally delectable pancakes. When you can, sign up for their cutesy pottery classes and learn how to make fortune cat containers, Ghibli-inspired tableware, and more out of clay. 

Arteastiq, Singapore

Can’t get enough of painting? Head off to Arteastiq, where art jamming in Singapore is said to have first started. Though the boutique tea house has numerous branches in the city, their art jam studios are only located in their flagship Mandarin Gallery and Plaza Singapura stores. Arteastiq also offers a limitless choice of acrylic colours and tools so you and your friends can freely unleash your creativity. But before you pour your heart out in the blank canvases they provide, let their warm gourmet teas enrich your creative soul first. If you’re a beginner who needs more guidance, they also have scheduled art lessons which you can join.

(Cover photo from: fabcafe.com)

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