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Not everyone has time to binge on a TV series, no matter how great, in one sitting. This is why it's so frustrating when we end up scrolling aimlessly on Netflix, wasting time instead of actually spending our few hours of downtime enjoying a good film. So in the spirit of finding satisfying movies that will surely not waste your time, here are must-watch Asian films on Netflix that are worth hitting that play button for. 


Must-Watch Asian Films On Netflix - Bleach

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One of the most globally known animé series of all time, fans rejoiced at the much-anticipated premiere of Bleach's live-action movie last year. Made available to the international audience via Netflix's streaming platform, the film stars Fukushi Sota and Sugisaki Hana as leads Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia.

Retelling the story of a normal teenager acquiring the powers of a reaper and earning the responsibility of keeping some chaotic souls in check, the adaptation earned high praises from fans. And whether or not you've seen the animé, the storytelling of the film makes it easier even for casual fans to enjoy the ride.


Must-Watch Asian Films On Netflix - PK

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Thought-provoking while still maintaining the right balance between humour and drama, we mean it when we say that PK should definitely be on everyone's watchlist — and we mean everyone. Telling the story of humanity from an alien's point of view, this 2014 film will make you rethink your philosophies on life and faith, and the daily nuances of humanity without being preachy or overly dramatic.

It also covers socially relevant issues such as inter-religious marriages and questionable faith leaders. This is without losing its ability to tug at the heartstrings once in a while given Aamir Khan's amazing performance as the movie's lead.


Must-Watch Asian Films On Netflix - Birdshot

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A different take on what a coming-of-age film should be, this award-winning 2016 Filipino movie revolves around the series of events that occurred after a sheltered farm girl accidentally shoots an endangered Philippine eagle. Her actions set off a police investigation that takes on a more haunting revelation.

Contrasted against beautiful scenic shots and a mesmerising colour palette, the plot dives deep into truths about violence, corruption, and the flaws in the Philippine justice system. All of these create a compelling mystery-thriller narrative that will definitely leave an impression after the end credits start rolling.


Must-Watch Asian Films On Netflix - Forgotten

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If spine-tingling movies are more up your alley, hitting 'play' on this 2017 mystery-thriller from South Korea will be a great decision. Taking us through the story of Jin-seok and his family, the plot unravels the rough ordeal they go through after his older brother gets abducted and comes back 19 days later with no memory of the kidnapping. Things turn upside-down for Jin-seok as he slowly realises that his brother — and maybe even his entire family — are not all as they seem. Riveting and will keep you guessing until its final moments, this is a film truly worth a spot on your watch list. 

Always Be My Maybe

Must-Watch Asian Films On Netflix - Always Be My Maybe

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If subtitles are really not your thing, this Netflix Original romcom starring Asian-American comedians Randall Park and Ali Wong is the pick for you. Revolving around the story of childhood friends Marcus and Sasha who reunited after 15 years, we're taken along with how they restart their halted relationship while struggling with their conflicting lifestyles and personalities.

Aside from the compelling duo, we also get a glimpse of Asian immigrant family traditions and practices that are seamlessly weaved into the film's moments. Plus, one of the bonuses that made this film truly buzz-worthy is Keanu Reeves' amazingly funny appearance. 

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