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Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

A paradise of pink blossoms in Tottori, just for you.

“Ok, this is mine,” I told myself as I laid claim on one of the magnificent trees blooming with pink clouds of sakura while the other members of my party had already dispersed in different directions.  As it turns out, we were the only people in the park and had the cluster of trees all to ourselves.

Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

In Tottori, you don’t have to fight for your share of the cherry blossoms. They are all yours.

This was a world apart from the sakura spots in Tokyo, which I visited just days before my trip to Tottori. At Ueno Park, there were crowds of people that you had to follow at a snail’s pace, trapped in their silent trodding, as you passed groups of people on picnic mats inches away from one another, facing the neverending flow of gaping tourists.  Here in Tottori, there are a lot of cherry blossom spots that offer a more tranquil experience. 

Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

Just an hour away by flight from Tokyo, it’s hard to believe how much more enjoyable the calm haven of Tottori can be.

Here are some of the best cherry blossom spots from a long list of locations available in Tottori.

A good spot to start off with is Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park where you can enjoy various kinds of cherry blossoms.  A picturesque display of 210 cherry trees in all shades of pink is complemented by a spectrum of other differently coloured flowers like roses and tulips.

Want to see a different kind of cherry blossom? One of the more unusual types of cherry blossoms offered by the sakura season is the weeping cherry blossom. The shidarezakura or weeping cherry has branches like a weeping willow’s. It blooms at Gokurakuji near Kurayoshi Station.

For a panoramic view of the Lake Nakaumi and Mount Daisen, head to Minatoyama Park and Yonago Castle Ruins. An easy 15-minute walk leads you to a stunning viewing point overlooking the city, Lake Nakaumi and Mt. Daisen.

Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

Time your summit well to catch a magnificent view of the sunset.

For a unique experience, you can also marvel at the cherry blossoms from a boat going down the Kamogawa River.

Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

Enjoy the cherry blossoms from a leisurely boat ride.

Afterwards, you can visit the more popular spots like the Kyusho Park — crowned Tottori’s best cherry blossom spot. You can check the blossoming forecast in Tottori on a designated tree at the entrance. The cherry blossoms look especially lovely with the majestic Tottori Castle ruins and the regal Jinpukaku building in the background.

Just a 90-minute bus or train ride from Tottori Station is the Shikano Hot Springs, one of the five hot spring villages scattered around the Tottori Sand Dunes.  Pamper yourself with a soak at these thermal hot springs which are said to rejuvenate your skin because of the water’s low alkaline levels.  Built on the former site of a castle, this lively town boasts close to 500 somei-yoshino sakura trees in bloom during spring. It is especially pretty at night when the lanterns are lit up and the sakura casts its reflections in the water of the castle moat.

End your trip with a hanami at Inaba Senbonzakura, a sprawling garden packed with fluffy cherry blossom trees.

Tottori Cherry Blossom Spots

A stunning park where you can enjoy a uniquely Japanese experience, the “hanami”.

Lounge at the field on your picnic sheet and don’t forget to bring some disposable heat packs as it could get chilly in the evening.  As we sipped sake while the sun dipped into the horizon, I had the feeling that the park was all ours.  And I bet you can’t say that about any other cherry blossom spot in Japan.

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